Under the Hood
What we hear from promoters all the time is that they are tired of platforms that are not responsive to their needs, that have slow page load times, and functionality that is not intuitive. On the artist side, we hear often that musicians and writers alike are tired of paying high monthly fees for a profile page that they only edit a few times a year.
Your New Favorite Art Portal
Blog owners will have a full-featured submission platform to run their business with. Artists and writers will have a stylish place to call home with no fees, an easy submission process, and instant notifications when their review is ready.
A Solid Foundation
This platform is built with PHP using Laravel, the most popular PHP framework that has been battle tested over more than 10 years. We deploy to AWS Lambda, a top cloud provider with an excellent track record for solid security and user privacy protections.
Near-instant Payments with USD and HBAR
For payment processing we have partnered with DROPP, a payment service for small value transactions that leverages the transparency and cryptographically secure access offered by Hedera Hashgraph, the world’s fastest, fair and secure distributed ledger. Creators receive their funds instantly and GETSEEN charges a simple, all-inclusive 10% fee-with no monthly premiums.
Laravel v9.18.0 (PHP v8.1.5)