submit for CHILLFILTR blog

We like to publish anything well-researched and informative that explores the intersection between music, technology, lifestyle, and occasionally politics. If you have something written already, please send that over. We accept up to five pieces in the same submission.

Currently, we are not accepting pitches, which means you need to have the piece already written.

Please save each of your pieces as a separate file. We support a number of different formats, which includes .rtf, .doc, .docx, and .pdf.


If one of your pieces is chosen for publication, we will be needing an author photo, a short bio, and if possible, a web link for more information. You can either add this information to the top of each individual file, or you may add a separate file titled 'author info'—or something to that effect.

Click here for a sample author profile. For added info, we support 1 generic web link (typically a personal web page), a Facebook link, and a Twitter link. Feel free to include 1 or all of these.