submit for The CHILLFILTR Review

We are back with a new format. We were not completely satisfied with using Airtable as a submission platform, so over the last few months we built our own. Send us up to five of your best works, and you will be notified via email when your status changes.

Submissions will always be free.

Please save each of your pieces as a separate file. We support a number of different formats, including .rtf, .doc, .docx, and .pdf. Currently we are publishing poems, essays, and short stories up to a maximum of 4000 words.


Kindly specify which genre and format you are submitting, along with including some info about the author. If one of your pieces is chosen for publication, we will be needing an author photo, a short bio, and if possible, a web link for more information. You can either add this information to the top of each individual file, or you may add a separate file titled 'author info'—or something to that effect.

Click here for a sample author profile. For added info, we support 1 generic web link (typically a personal web page), a Facebook link, and a Twitter link. Feel free to include 1 or all of these.